Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mountain Bikers

Thanks for the guest post by Jonathan Curtis

My husband has gotten really into mountain biking and he’d been nagging me to do it with him for years. I simply wasn’t interested in such a dirty, dangerous sport but sometime last summer he convinced me to come up with him on one of the easy trails and now I’m completely hooked! I got my own bike and now we spend our weekends out and about finding new places to ride and new people to do it with. I got us HTTP://WWW.securitychoice.com for the house since we’re gone for big stretches of time and since we’re doing a lot more camping lately, too. I love being so athletic and I’ve never been this active before. Thanks, honey for making me get off my butt and come out there with you! I had no idea mountain biking would be so easy or so fun or I would have come out there and ridden along a very, very long time ago! Now if I can just get the mosquito problem under control I’ll be good…

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