Friday, September 30, 2011

Review of "Telling Lies" by Cathi Stoler

Imagine being on vacation in another country, and suddenly catching sight of a man who died several years ago. In Cathy Stoler's mystery novel, Telling Lies, that is exactly what happens to a woman named Laurel. While on vacation with her boyfriend, a police detective, she encounters the husband of a close friend. A man who died during the terrorist attacks on 9/11 and left behind a grieving wife. A man who was not, obviously, really dead. Laurel promptly enlists the help of another close friend, who also happens to be a private detective. While her boyfriend Aaron returns to New York to begin working on finding out the truth, Laurel stays in Italy to investigate there. What follows is a often confusing web of intrigue that puts Laurel and her family and friends in danger. Jeff Sargasso, the undead dead man, was an art dealer who was in the middle of a huge deal when the attacks occurred. There are dangerous people in the New York art world, and they all want the artwork and the money that was exchanged for it. Since Laurel is investigating, they are all now after her. The book is honestly a bit confusing and hard to get excited about in the beginning, but it definitely improves as it goes on. I found it an interesting read, and since the ending is somewhat vague and open ended, I am hoping there is a second book in the works!

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