Saturday, April 3, 2010

Motivation Partners

We all have goals in life, some monetary, others based more on dreams and wishes. These goals give us the drive to go after what we want, to do everything possible to make that goal a reality. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have a person, or persons, who help to motivate us in reaching that goal. They may be a loved one who wants you to achieve your dreams because your happiness is important to them. Or it may be someone who shares your goal. The two of you become a team of sorts, both working towards a similar goal and helping to encourage and motivate the other. This kind of person is a partner in your motivation, as you are in theirs.

I have such a person in my life, a new friend, but one I treasure already. Through several emails each day, we cheer each other on, complain when things go wrong, and compare ideas and strategies. Our lifestyles are different, and we both have different challenges to face every day to attain what we strive for. But despite our differences, we continue to encourage each other daily. I don't think I would have even set this goal, or continued this blog, if it weren't for her. I think every freelancer would benefit from such a motivation partner, someone who truly understands what you are doing and why.

I am still getting used to this whole blogging thing, and sometimes things don't work the way I want them to on here. I tried right before this post to delete 2 comments because for some reason one comment posted 3 times. Instead, I managed to delete them all! The comment was a kind one, from the writer of the Moxie Gardener, an excellent blog that focuses on urban gardening, but is useful no matter what type of garden you may have. This time of year, it is a blog we all need to read. Check it out, you won't regret it.

As for my goal, I managed one more article after last nights posting, and 6 more today. That brings my grand total to $180 if I am adding correctly. Math is my weak point, so I could be wrong. ;)

Tomorrow will be a tough one, as will Sunday. We have an early Easter dinner and egg hunt at the home of dear friends who I am closer to than my own family. On Easter day, we have my mother in laws in the morning and the other side of the in laws in the afternoon. I am looking forward to two of these weekend gatherings, one I could do without! But I will find time, somehow, to write a few articles and update this blog at least once. And to add pictures...I am the crazy person at every family gathering who is seen with a camera permanently attached to their face.

Here's the ticker for today:

I hope everyone has a great Easter!! Don't eat to many eggs :)

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