Sunday, May 16, 2010

Complete Randomness

Things are going a bit better, I am recovering slower than I would like but I am getting stronger every day. However, I am quite unhappy about this annoying drain that the surgeon left in me. The rest of the pain is pretty bearable but the hole in my abdomen where the drain tube is just stings constantly. Its not serious pain, but it being so constant just drives me nuts! Oh well...hopefully Tuesday he will remove it.

I am really trying to get back into the swing of writing. I am getting a little more done each day but slow review times are really keeping me unmotivated. I don't have a choice but to keep going, this is the only income we have...but I sure do want to curl up somewhere with a good book and just not think about working for a few weeks.

Ok, that is all the whining I am going to's not going to make anything better!

I have decided to start reviewing books on here once in awhile. I love to read so I think that telling others about a good read or warning them about a not so good one would be a great addition to this blog. I won't do this until next month though, somewhere in the middle of the month most likely.

I have also decided that I like branching out a little bit. I find it so hard to concentrate lately that I keep bouncing around on the Internet to various writing sites rather than focusing mainly on Demand Studios like I usually do. I have written a few articles this week for a new private client. The pay was lower than what I am used to, but the work was super simple and the pay was really quick for the first batch. Still waiting on payment for the second batch but I am confident that I will get it. It is the weekend so most people aren't working.

I also wrote an article for textbroker. I have been with them for quite awhile but never really put in an effort. Once again, the pay was lower but the article was easy as pie and was accepting in less than 30 minutes. Demand Studios is still my main squeeze but it is nice to have other places to turn to when I need something simple to do! Maybe it is time to pick up a few more private clients to fall back on when I get into a rut.

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