Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pit Bulls as Nanny's?

I stumbles across this article this morning on a forum. Since the pit bull is hands down my favorite dog breed, it was heartwarming to read an article that wasn't focused on negativity.

I have a "nanny" pit bull who is a treasured member of our family. And before I get blasted by anyone, let me state that I never leave my children unsupervised with any animal. But our pit, Dixie, watches over the kids with as much care as I do. While they are playing, she is never more than a few feet away and she is super protective. She is no guard dog, preferring to greet any stranger with kisses and a wagging tail, but if she thinks you intend harm towards her babies you are in trouble. Visiting friends and relatives know that you must exercise caution when playing with the kids. My youngest is a rough and tumble little boy who loves to be picked up and thrown in the air, or to wrestle with anyone willing. Dixie will get right in the middle and push her baby away from the person who is playing with him. She isn't aggressive about it, she just wants your hands off her kid. :)

We are blessed to live in the country, outside of the city limits, since a nearby city has breed specific legislation. I don't understand these laws, since we have experienced bites from two different small breeds of dogs. No one has outlawed chihuahuas, and they bite too! To me, it's like saying that a certain race of people is evil. It just makes no sense! Our Dixie is an ambassador for her breed, we take her with us to many places and she has changed quite a few minds about pit bulls. With the exception of a serious case of separation anxiety, she is very well behaved, follows commands well, and loves everyone.

What are your feelings on pits and other breeds that are labeled as vicious? Feel free to debate, but do so nicely! :)


  1. Any animal can become dangerous. Period. Even my beloved Boxers; calm, happy, relaxed, mellow, are now on many states banned dogs lists. I have always been an advocate for pit pulls. It really is all in how you raise them. Good for you for standing up for what you believe in. Blasters have no place in my life. If you can't show me facts and proof and only want to be rude about your opinion, you are not doing anyone any good and are just waisting time and space.

  2. Well said, Chrystal! Boxers are yet another breed that make a wonderful family member but are said to be bad. If people worked to educate themselves on this, they would see that breed specific legislation is ridiculous!

  3. I've always loved pits, when I was working at a dog boarding facility they were hands down my favorite dogs to take into playtime. We have a pit/rott mix right now, and she's such a well-mannered, loyal dog - I wouldn't trade her for the world. When my son was born, she used to be the first one up when he cried, and she always nudged me awake if I didn't respond.


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