Monday, June 28, 2010


In ways, working at home is much easier than leaving the house to go to work each day. Your schedule is your own, and can be adjusted when it needs to be, without having to consult a boss or find someone to cover for you. It's much easier to be there for your children and spouse when you are needed because you are at home.

But in many ways working at home is so much harder. The same children and spouse that you work from home to be nearer to often do not understand that you are in the middle of a project and think that you can just drop anything to do what they need. The ability to set your own schedule is often a bad thing since there are so many other things you want to do besides working, and often working falls into last place.

Then there is the Internet. Social networking sites like facebook are time drainers and logging in just to see what everyone is up to can easily turn into an hour of wasted time playing games or chatting. This is one I am guilty of myself. I definitely have an addiction to facebook, mainly because of games! If I spent the time writing that I spend farming on facebook, I could buy my own farm!

I am striving to limit my own distractions since I will be starting a new monthly goal in just a few day. What are your distractions? What are some ways you have found to limit them and be more productive in your own freelance career? I want to hear from my readers on this, not only to help myself but also to help other readers who are dealing with distractions of their own.

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