Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Writing for print publications

Seeing your name is print is a thrilling experience, and every writer can vividly remember the first time they saw their name next to something written by them. Getting your name in print in the first place is the hard part! There is stiff competition in the writing world with so many talented people vying for attention.

Newspapers are a good place to start since many of them use freelance writers for smaller pieces rather than paying the higher cost of employing more staff. Check with your local papers by sending the editor your resume and a few writing samples, you never know what could happen.

In my search for magazines that accept submissions from freelance writers, I concentrated mainly on magazines that I enjoy reading as well as magazines that focus on parenting. I came up with quite a few that I will be querying and wanted to share them with my readers to give them a place to start. Just click on the magazine names to view the submission guidelines.

Parents magazine accepts submissions through mail only.

Cat Fancy, a specialty magazine for cat enthusiasts, also accepts queries by mail.

The Writer magazine is written almost completely by freelancers.

ADDitude Magazine is written for children and adults dealing with ADD and other learning disorders.

The Saturday Evening Post accepts submissions by mail, including photos and feature articles.

Now there is nothing stopping you, start submitting! And don't give up just because your articles aren't a huge hit right away, just keep trying!

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