Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Companies Who Hire Freelance Writers

With so many new content companies popping up, it can be hard to keep track of where you applied or want to apply. Once you apply and are accepted, it is often hard to keep track of where you have articles due! Here is a list of reputable companies that hire freelance writers:

Demand Studios DS pays writers between $7.50 to $15 for articles on a wide variety of subjects. Special projects are also available at times with a higher pay rate. Writers are paid twice a week through paypal.

Break Studios BS writers make $8 per article and are paid twice a month. The article subjects are geared towards men and range from vehicles to relationships. Writers are paid twice a month through paypal.

Internet Brands Pays writers $4 to $10 per article on a variety of subjects. There are channels dealing with particular topics and you will be chosen to write for one or several. Writers are paid once a month by check or direct deposit.

Need an Article Pays $5 and up for articles of different lengths. Payment is every Friday.

Bright Hub Bright Hub pays $10 per article plus a percentage of the ad revenue and has a variety of channels to write for. Payment is made once per month through paypal.

Star Reviews Star Reviews pays between $8 and $10 for blog posts and articles on a variety of subjects. Payment is made twice per month.

Textbroker Textbrokers pay ranges depending on the client and the level of the writer. Payment is made to paypal twice a month, but is not automatic and must be requested.

Writer Access Writer access also has varying rates according to the writer's level. Payment is made during the first week of the month to paypal.

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