Saturday, April 2, 2011

B is For Blogging ;)

Yes, blogging. My newest obsession! I was suffering this morning, because instead of being able to grab my coffee and sit down to blog, we had to make the long drive to get the stuff out of hubby's truck. Seeing that truck in person, rather than in pics, did not make my morning. It did make me want to hug that man of mine a little tighter though!

I started this blog originally because there are many people out there who have a talent and want to use it to make a living from home. And the majority of people like this are parents as well. Not to mention, my children and my freelancing career are my two biggest loves and I have a lot to say about them both!

I have big dreams for this blog, starting with getting a real domain name and expanding the site to have larger and searchable craft and recipe sections. The blog will remain the main focus, but the rest of it will be a great resource for both freelancers and parents alike. And a section for book reviews as well, since reading is another love of mine. Of course, none of this is going to happen immediately. It will take hard work and time. But if a dream isn't worth hard work, it isn't much of a dream! Until then, I will keep on blogging. :)

What I want to know is, why do you blog? What made you start your blog originally and what keeps you blogging now? I can't wait to hear everyone's responses!

As for the blog challenges, this is only day two but things are going great. And I have found many new blogs to follow written by awesome writers! I am actually considering having a guest blogger or two for this blog. What do you think?


  1. Guest bloggers are fun to do posts on. I adore blogging and the writing challenges that go with it. Have a great weekend!

  2. I started blogging a few years ago when I was in to affiliate marketing. Now that I don't do affiliate marketing anymore, I blog because I have a lot of stuff in my mind and a lot to say. I find it helps clear out the junk and get stuff off my mind. I love blogging! :)

  3. Hi Carrie, one of the reasons I'm blogging is to improve my writing skills. I believe the Ultimate Challenge has come at a right time for me. I agree with you that dreams take hard work to materialise, but it is well worth the effort.

  4. Guest bloggers can be a lot of fun!
    As for blogging, I got in to it around 2004 as a means to keep up with my friends. It just sort of expanded from there.

  5. I needed a place to store my resources and it grew from there.


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