Thursday, April 14, 2011

Independence of Freelancing

One of the things I love the most about freelancing is the independence it allows me. If there is a party at school, I can be there. If one of my babies is sick, I don't have to scramble around trying to take a day off and worry about my job. I just get them settled in on the couch and work while taking care of them. Or, like yesterday, I can just say the heck with it and go sit beside a pond with a fishing pole and enjoy the pure joy on my youngest child's face when he pulls in a fish. :)

Independence can also be a bad thing for a freelancer. It is to easy to say you will do it later, or catch up tomorrow because you would rather do something else. Then you end up behind on deadlines or not making your financial goal for the week because other things got in the way. Speaking for myself, not making what I need to make for the week frustrates me and makes it even harder for me to buckle down and get it done.

Setting goals is helpful for some, while other freelancers set strict office hours and do not do anything but work during those hours. Software such as Focus Booster helps to keep track of the time you work, and holds you accountable for the amount of time you are working.

How to you keep yourself motivated to get everything done despite the independence of your work? This seems to be what most freelancers see as their biggest problem, so sharing advice might help someone else! :)


  1. I have to keep a tight lease on myself, or a fifteen minute break suddenly turns into an hour. I try to stay away from the procrastination. Work now, play later.

  2. I would like to say I am good, but I am not. I am still one of those that will go make lunch, only to see a mess on the floor. Sweeping turns in to dusting, turns in to......and next thing I know, it is 2 hours later and I am not any closer to finishing the project. I am getting better. I am trying to do the chores in the morning before I start or after I am done and delegating more on the weekends to Big M and lil m. For the most part, because I have so much homework I have no choice but to sit still. lol

  3. Being independent and being motivated go hand in hand for me. If I'm NOT motivated, then I'm not working, sitting around and beating myself up for not being motivated to remain independence. A catch 22.

  4. I admit, in order to "do it all" I've fallen into the pattern of getting up way too early and going to bed way too late. I also work for clients in two extreme time zones (one is five hours ahead of me the other is three hours behind).

    My time vampire lately has been trying to learn so much (reading way too much internet advice) as I try to transition myself from freelancer to business owner.


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