Monday, March 21, 2011

Marketing Yourself, Continued

Essentially, you are a business. You may be only one person in a small office set up in a corner of your home, but you are still a business. Businesses need to be advertised in order to get their name out their for people to see.

This means different things for different freelancers. For me, at the moment, this blog is my main focus. Which is why I am putting the facebook and twitter associated with it to better use. Being more active on both will put this blog in front of people. On that note, feel free to follow me on both facebook and twitter. ;)

To other freelancers, this may mean gaining more private clients by advertising in newspapers, trade publications or online. This will enable them to broaden their horizons and keep a steady amount of work coming in at all times.

Word of mouth is also very important to any business. Websites such as Freelance Writing and Freelance Writing Gigs are a great place to find potential clients. If these clients are happy with your work, they will tell other clients and bring you more work.

So what are your goals for the business that you are? How do you plan to accomplish these goals?


  1. Hi, Carrie, I can very much relate to your WAHM/freelancing life. While I have been a freelancer, essentially my own business person, for over five years, I just recently decided to actually start acting like my own business versus obtaining work from middlemen.

  2. Referrals are always a great source for new clients!

  3. I don't really advertise by traditional methods. Of course, I am not really looking for private clients either. Right now my main goal is to finish school (this semester) and write more for myself. After that I will continue to write for myself while writing for more upfront payments. I have not really thought much past graduation.


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