Monday, March 14, 2011

My Newest Addiction.....Swagbucks!

As a writer, I do a ton of research everyday so of course I use a search engine a lot! I signed up for Swagbucks quite awhile ago but just started using it on a regular basis. Searching allows you to win points that can be used to get merchandise or gift cards. I love so of course those are the gift cards I am going for!

Searching isn't the only way to earn points though. You can watch videos on SBTV, play games or complete simple tasks to bring up your points balance, and they add up pretty quickly. You also get points for referring friends! I am thinking I can just keep racking up gift cards until December and do some painless Christmas shopping right here at my desk. :)


  1. I've always wondered about the inner workings of Swagbucks...and now I know. The only thing is this: if I am researching confidential info for clients (which is often the case), does Swagbucks track that? This is what's held me up from being part of the program.

    I dig the entertainment value of being a member, too! :-)

  2. I'm not sure about that, Laura. Here is a link to the privacy policy though! :)

  3. Me too, Carrie! I have only been using it about six months, but I'm almost to my first $50 gift card. Nice months for what I'm doing already.

  4. Are you going for an amazon card, Angie? Buying the $5 cards is actually cheaper than buying the cards in the larger amounts! You would pay 4,500 points for $50 worth of $5 cards but 5,900 points for a $50 card. :)

  5. Interesting. I have seen people mention this program.

  6. I love Swagbucks! I am trying to save my points to get a big prize, lol.


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